Monday, 27 October 2008

Trades 27/Oct/2008

Inital watchlist:

A bit short of time, so I'll try to add in more commentary later.

VZ (gap up)
Strong price action takes it above previous days high. Long entry on pullback and then market strength. Didn't work out as planned and was stopped out for a loss.

SLB (gap down)
A quick scalp trade after first candle on a short after a failure to hold whole number $47 and general market weakness. Closed whole position once reached 1R.

LFC (gap down)

After gap down, we recover to approach previous day's high, but then hit resistance. Shortly after we start heading down with ema and on general market weakness. Took partial at 1R then rest came back to stop out at breakeven.

BP (gap up)

Strong initial price action relative to general market, made this a long trade possibility. Long after we pullback with narrowing candles and we have held the $40 level after 2nd candle. Took partial at 1R then rest came back for breakeven.

A choppy day today, but a profitable one.

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