Thursday, 13 November 2008

Trades 13/Nov/2008


A wild volatile day today. I'll add full commentary later when I have more time, but here are my trades today.

WYE (gap up)

Long on price action remaining above yesterday's high and market upturn. Didn't work out as required and so was stopped out for loss.

HPQ (gap down)

Weak initial price action after gap down. We then consolidate sideways as we hit ema resistance. Short on bearish price action and market downturn. We take partial at 2R then rest comes back to stop us out at breakeven. Net gain is 1R.

EXC (gap up)

A quick scalp type trade in last 1/2 hour as market rises strongly from oversold position. Closed quickly once 1R had been reached. Left quite a bit on the table on this one, but there you go.

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