Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Trades 02/Dec/2008

Disaster !!!!

For some reason my IB token stopped working. Those of you who use IB will know what I mean. Eventually I managed to find the number to call in order to get access. But that took time and coupled with other work related stuff > meant no trades today.

Tomorrow I am away on a course so trading time will be limited. Hopfully Thursday I will be back on 'normal' routine.

Hope you had a good trading day.


Attitude Trader said...

Drag! I used to use IB too. Good luck with Thursday.


The A Trader said...

What's your strategy to take profit and move your exit point as the market moves in your favor?

The "A" Trader ;o)

StockHunter said...

Bumer man, I had that happen to me the other day with my borker. Turns out all I needed to do was delete my cookies, but I still missed out on a gainer :(.

OONR7 said...

that happened to me about 2 months ago. But I actually left the token in my pants and washed. Damn thing still spewed out numbers but TWS was not recognizing them. Since I have a US address on record I had to have it shipped stateside, then here, then got an email from IB saying I had 36 hours to activate it or else.
I just don't understand why I have to use the token if I don't want to. Set up multiple password pages or something, but that damn thing is a pain to keep track of.

TraderAm said...

The A Trader.

I take halfprofit at 1R or 2R and leave rest running. Ideally I like to close rest at end of day.

Occasionally I trail my stop to 1R or 2R or obvious S/R point.

I always move stop to breakeven once 1R has been reached.

Hope that helps.


TraderAm said...

StockHunter, 00NR7.

Yes that thing is a pain. I'm all in favour of increased security but maybe they could have chosen an "easier" route.

rudy said...

TR: what are your thoughts on daytrading utilizing financial or futures spreads? I understand if it is done properly, it can be low risk. But again, I know very little about this method of betting. Any info from you and/or your readers would be greatly appreciated. Also, any helpful links would be a good start.

Thanx, Rudy

TraderAm said...


Not quite sure I understand the question. Are you referring to spreadbetting ? (a UK term)


rudy said...

TR: I suppose so. But the general idea is to go long on one stock/sector/commodity, while being bearish on another and hence simultaneously betting short. As the two diverge in price, you make money on the spread, or so the story goes.

I guess it is similar to gap trading when you go long and short but the only difference would be not simultaneously and deliberately?

Thankx, Rudy

TraderAm said...


Ah, I see. More kind of like pair trading ? I've heard about it, but have never tried this sort of approach, so don't know much about it to be honest. Maybe some other readers could post a comment or two.