Friday, 5 December 2008

Trades 05/Dec/2008


Didn't have much time for markets today. And when I did get time, I didn't do a good job of it. So a losing day for me.

ENER (gap down)

A standard gap down play with trend following ema. We get the sideways pullback with narrow candle and go short on market down turn. Didn't work out as planned, stopped out (-1R).

I had another trade in WMT where I was trying for a scalp long, but that turned choppy so I exited at breakeven.

As I was saying to 00nr7 the other day, seems to be a lot of market action in last session recently. Today, being Friday I didn't bother with it. Now after market closed, looking at the charts....ooops...missed out on great move in last session. Hard to believe the market finished up so strong > maybe a santa rally is on the cards ???

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone.

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Attitude Trader said...

Ah yes, assuming what the market is going (or not going) to do...what's that saying again...?



TraderAm said...

yes Mr Attitude... :-)