Thursday, 8 January 2009

Trades 08/Jan/2008


MSM (gap down)

The initial gap down was recovered as we trend up to the previous days low. The 5th closes above the ema but the 6th is a bearish offsetting bar which closes back below ema. This 6th bar was bearish and staying weak while the market was trying to go up > Our short trigger.

It falls nicely after entry and we take partial at 1R near whole number and the OR high. We also trailed our stop at this point after some support during 9 thru 11 candles. The stock then recovers to stop us out here. Overall a +1R gain.

No other trades.

------ R and Fib Values---------------------

-----Trades --------------------------------


OONR7 said...

mr. fancypants with the excel sheet printout :)

TraderAm said...

Now I need some fancy trading to go with it...

QQQBall said...

nice trade management

rudy said...

TR: I like the template, but how do you save an excel spreadsheet to your blog? Can you give detail instructions? I google but can't seem to get it right.

Thanks, Rudy

OONR7 said...

rudy... I imagine Traderam is using an application to get a screenshot of his excel window. I currently use Snagit which works really well. Just creates an image which you can upload.

TraderAm said...


There are a variety of apps on web which you can use e.g snagit etc. They provide extra functionality and image editing.

But for my purposes it's just a copy and paste job really. So I just do it manually.

Step by step as follows:

1. Open up your excel doc and resize it as required.
2. Open up new word doc or new image doc..(e.g using Microsoft word, or Paint).
3. Go back to your excel doc. Press and hold "Alt" key, and press the "Print Screen" key.
This will copy the image into memory.
4. Back into Word/Paint and select "paste" option...or just Ctrl and V. This will paste the image into the doc.
5. Save the doc as word doc or .jpg file.
6. Import into blog as a picture using standard upload option.

Hope that helps.

P.S Option 3 (Alt and Print Screen) will save image of whatever window has focus. So you can use it for anything. Bit geeky I know, but it does the trick.

TraderAm said...


I am just using the excel template to show the entry and R values as it is a bit easier to copy them in from my IB Trading Spreadsheet. Saves having to type it all in when I update my blog.