Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Trades 27/Jan/2009


A nothing day today. Not much was setting up on my list that I could see and the one trade I did make was just a breakeven.

AVY (gap down)

Bearish initial action on first two candle is followed by shallow retrace to the ema. The 6th is hanging man off ema and a successive NR7 and is our short trigger. Looked good initially, as we reached 1R price, but that is as far as we got. Stopped out on next candle at breakeven.

Hopefully better action tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi TraderAM. Did you ever try to trade on a different time frame than the 15mins?
I'm kinda having troubles with the reliability of setups on the 10mins charts and I was just wondering.
Thx a lot!
I had 3 trades today, each on a different timeframe: VLO 5min = OK, VZ 10mins = loss, MCK 15min = OK


TraderAm said...


When I was developing my strategy I tried 5min and 15mins. The 5mins was too fast for me and I was making mistakes. The 15mins suits me as it gives me more time. I've never tried 10mins.

MCk was a good catch, I didn't have that on my list.