Thursday, 29 January 2009

Trades 29/Jan/2009


PSSI (gap down)

Standard OR breakout with weak candle closing at it's lows. Had to cope with a retrace back to the OR (which is the much better entry by the way). Then it just went sideways for the rest of the day. Closed near end of day for 1R gain.

LRCX (gap down)

An OR breakout is followed by a retrace with IB still weak and below the OR. This is our short trigger. Should have done better with managing this trade as I took partial at 1R then rest came back to breakeven. I missed the relative position of the Fib Ext as I was distracted doing some Tradestation coding. Consequently taking partial at around Fib Ext then rest at breakeven would have been the better play.

I had one other quick scalp trade at the end of the day, as part of a strategy I'm still working on. But apart from that, just the two trades above from my core strategy with overall 1.5R gain.

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QQQBall said...

yeah, PB to ORL was classic entry NRB on PSSI. of course, in real time, you cant see the future.