Friday, 13 February 2009

Trades 13/Feb/2009


COG (gap down)

Gap down and break of OR on 2nd candle. We then have a retrace but can't get back inside OR. The successive narrowing candles off the ema is signal for going short. A standard pullback. Thought it would fall nicely as it did weaken, but then it recovered strongly to stop us out for a loss.

Nothing else stood out for me to trade today. Feburary generally has been hard going so far, but hopefully the next couple of weeks will be better. Markets are closed on Monday so have a good long weekend.


doink said...

COG - guess I wasn't the only one who got burned on that...

Anonymous said...

no you weren't doink :(

TraderAm said...

Can't win them all guys.

Anonymous said...

traderam, being in london why don't you trade FTSE??

TraderAm said...


Haven't really developed a strategy for trading the FTSE.

US stocks move more intra-day and are better for daytrading as the commission basis is far better and they tend to move more on an intra-day basis.

At least that was the picture a few years ago. Hence, most of my backtesting, research, courses etc have been geared towards the US markets. So I have kind of stayed with them.

I do trade UK stocks but not on a daytrading basis.

Having said all that, traders do trade the UK markets, so I may well look into it further at some point in the future when I have more time.