Friday, 27 February 2009

Trades 27/Feb/2009


LMT (gap down)

Red first then sideways consolidation at OR lows. The 7th breaks the OR and closes weak off ema. This is our short trigger. The next candle was promising, but then it reversed and closed above the OR on the 9th candle. So closed my position for a loss.

GENZ (gap down)

Break OR on the 4th and then pullback to the OR from below confirming it as resistance. Messed up the trade management on this as I scaled out of partial as it closed above the whole number while I should have waited for close above the OR. The rest was left to run and closed at 1R and at end of day for $2 gain (but effectively only on 1/4 of my original position). Overall a slight profit.

BBY (gap down)

Recovery on first 3 candles, but the 3rd is weak off the ema. The 4th confirms weakness and closes weak. This is our short trigger. I was hoping for a 1R reach as that was close to the OR low. But it fould support above that level and bounced. So I closed as it came back up for breakeven.

----------Fib and RValues----------------



QQQBall said...

looks like LMT gave a second entry with a NRB?

your trading is very consistent, congrats... i could pick you charts out of a line-up.

TraderAm said...

Thanks QQQBall.

Yes as you say, LMT gave a 2nd entry. Unfortunately I didn't take it.