Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Trades 04/Mar/2009

A bit of a nothing day today. Seemed to be a fair amount of opportunities around in the general market, but the two trades I made didn't really do much.

PBR (gap up)

OR breakout on 4th bar. Off the ema and closing strong. Took partialnear whole number as that was also the Fib Ext (around 1.5R). The rest came back to stop at breakeven.

MANT (gap down)

Retrace after gap down but can't get above OR high. The 5th also rejects this level. The 6th is NR3 closing below ema and is our short trigger. Partialled out as it recovered despite market going down. The rest did fall almost to 1R but after that it was sideways all day. Closed rest at breakeven.

-----------Fib and Rvalues -----------



QQQBall said...

shame MANT wuddnt go down for you... nice tight stop there... i'd take that trade just about everyday with a target being ORL.

OONR7 said...

I see some futures in your future.

TraderAm said...

qqqball..yes, the market was just a bit too strong for it. On most days asy you say it would have reached the ORL.

00nr7...maybe :)