Friday, 6 March 2009

Trades 06/Mar/2009


A rubbish day for me today. One trade was not to my specifc setup rules and I managed another trade too cautiously. Let that be a lesson to you Anyway have a good weekend and here are the charts.

SPG (down below prev day's low)

Fall thru OR then retrace on 5th candle to ema. This was our short trigger. Got a bit wild and choppy after entry. So moved stop to breakeven after intra-day support held on 8th,9th and 10th candles. Was then stopped out on next. In hindsight, should have either left stop at original place or just moved 1/2 to breakeven as 1R had not been reached yet. Missed the fall to 2R.

NU (gap up)

Red first but some bullishness in the longish tail. The 3rd is off previous day's high and the 4th is bullish off ema and is our long trigger. Never really got going and stopped out for a loss.


Traded a pullback after the weak 2nd. However the first candle closed in previous day's range, so I shouldn't even have been watching this. There were other setups around. Scaled out on partial and then rest was stopped out on original stop.

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bl said...

Fading some of the financials(gs ms jpm pnc sti wfc)and euro banks would have done well.(db cs ubs). Short at will with the financial gaps ups until further notice.