Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Trades 10/Mar/2009


Two trades today. With the bullish trending action, there were quite a few stocks with similiar looking charts, but here are the two that I traded.

FLR (gap up thru prev day's high)

Uptrend past OR then pullback on 5th which is our long trigger. Took partial at around the Fib (1R) and then closed rest at end of day for around 3R.

BHI (gap up thru previous day's high)

Strong first is followed by sideways consolidation in upper 1/3rd of OR. The 6th is OR breakout and then 7th bounces off the OR confirming it as support and also off the ema. This is our long trigger. Didn't really follow thru after entry. Scaled out of partial at breakeven and left the rest to run. Almost reached 1R but then it just chopped sideways. Closed rest at breakeven as well.

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