Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Trades 01/Apr/2009


A really good day today...I hope the rest of the month is as good.

Emini S&P

A strong OR break followed by inside bar in top end range of previous bar. This 8th bar is our long trigger. Closed partial for 4 points and left rest to run. This was closed towards end of day.

TM (gap up)

OR break on 3rd is followed by shallow retracement and bounce off OR. The 10th NR3,NR7 is our long trigger. Closed partial at 1R (just past whole number) then left rest to run. This caught the strong market up move towards end of day and I closed it then for around 5.5R.

HMC (gap up)

Same set up as TM. But this one didn't really move. It got within a penny of 1R but hit resistance. Closed for minor gain on partial then rest was stopped out at breakeven.

GENZ (fall thru previous day's low)

Fall thru OR on 2nd then retrace. The 8th is beraish off ema and OR low and is our short trigger. Never worked out though and it came back to stop us out for loss.

APOL (gap down)

Bearish first and then break of OR down. The retracement to OR low acting as resistance occurs on the 6th thru 8th candles. The 8th is bearish off the ema and oR low and is our short trigger. Closed partial at 1R then left rest to run. This was closed at 3R as market showed signs of continued strength.

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OONR7 said...

very impressive ES trades. That's not included in your R total yet, is it?

TraderAm said...

Hello 00nr7.
Nope, the Rvalues are just for stocks for the time being.

I'm only trading ES occassionally and minimum size (e.g today was 2 contracts) and doing some paper trading as well, so want to keep those results separate.

Anonymous said...

Are you using IB scanner or tradestation scanner for gappers?

TraderAm said...