Thursday, 30 April 2009

Trades 30/Apr/2009

AU (gap down)

Gap down and fall below OR low. This is followed by retrace to ema. The 7th is entry trigger off ema and closing weak. Never really got going though, closed at end of day for breakeven.

No other trades.


iamatrader2 said...

AIZ off the 9th made my day

Mihail said...

Hi TraderAM,

Would you have taken MET on the 7th?

Trades that worked for me were PRU on the 4th and SRZ on the 4th.

TraderAm said...


Yes, MET was a possible trade on the 7th as trigger. However it was close to whole number, so I would have only entered at something like 31.05, rather than 4c from 7th bar high. hence wouldn't have triggered.

Well done on your other trades.

TraderAm said...