Thursday, 7 May 2009

Trades 07/May/2009

ITU (gap down)

Trend down past previous day's low then pullback to ema with bearish candle. This 6th was our short trigger. The Fib Ext was higher up in this case so did not enter my thinking in terms of potential profits areas. Moved stop to break even once 1R was reached. However subsequently it just went sideways for the rest of the day. Closed in last session for 1R gain.

No other trades for me today. There were some other setups (HPQ, PG) but they were too close to the Fib Ext to make it worthwhile. One other was BIG, but I missed the entry and it travelled too fast to get on board.

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Andrew said...

Hi Am,

I'm curious as to what particular scan found this one today? Didn't reach my radar at all.


TraderAm said...


Tradestation Scan.