Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Trades 19/May/2009

MA (gap thru prev day low)

Fall thru OR on 2nd and 3rd is NR3 pullback off OR low. This is our short trigger. It looked good for a while but never followed thru. Stopped out for a loss.

MDT (gap down thru prev day's low)

The first candle shows some recovery. But then we trend down with ema and past OR. The 8th is NR7 off ema and OR low and is our short trigger. Fell nicely after entry. Closed partial near the Fib ext (around 1.5R) then rest came back to breakeven.

UBS (gap up)

Break thru OR on 3rd and held on 4th. the 5th is off OR low and also ema and is our long trigger. never went anywhere and then came back sharp to stop us out.

No other trades, so overall a losing day. Hope you did better.

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Anonymous said...

I missed that MDT by few min..was a nice set up.
AMTD: 3/10 min bar entry, 2R


Anonymous said...

MDT a bit more aggressive - off the 6th on the 10min went great!
EIX off the 5th on the 15 went to the Fib's ext to give about 3R's.
Plenty of other opportunities in the Utils (for examp CPN) and Metals (CMC, BHP) that I saw and hesitated or just missed...
But overal, can't say I am not happy...

Anonymous said...

mdt profit is only 0.75 and not 1.5!!!

TraderAm said...