Thursday, 11 June 2009

Trades 11/June/2009

JLL (fall thru prev day low)

Weak first is followed by shallow pullback then OR break on the 4th. The 5th is red hanging man below OR and off whole number. This is our short trigger. Closed partial near Fib Ext (past 1R) and left rest to run. This was closed in last session also at around 1.5R.

RIMM (gap up)

Trend up after gap and OR break on 3rd candle. Then we have sideways consolidation above OR as it gains ema support. The 6th is NR7 inverted hammer off OR high confirming it as support. This is our long trigger. Closed partial at 1R as Fib Ext was in same area and left rest to run. This was also closed at same sort of level in last session.

No other trades for me. Hope you had a good day.

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