Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Trades 24/June/2009

Disaster...disaster...a losing day today. My first of the month. Had an outside chance of going a whole month without a losing day (never done that before)....but market decided otherwise. Could have been worse, if it happened on say the last day of the that would been a kicker...bit like losing a match on

IP (rise thru prev day high)

Strong first then OR break on 2nd. The 3rd is an hanging man doji IB off OR high and NR3 pullback. This is our long trigger. Looked good intially as it got to 1R but then came back and stopped at breakeven.

CSX (gap up)

OR break on 5th then pulls back to OR and ema. The 8th is green hammer off ema and OR high and is our long trigger. Never got going and slowly drifted sideways before stopping out for loss.

I did see a couple of setups in PBR and FCX but they were too close to the $30 and $40 levels so I left them alone. No other trades. I'll post up my broker statement later when I have more time.

Hope you had a good day.


OONR7 said...

broker statement on a losing day??? Now that's commitment. As for today, well - when one streak ends, you'll just have to start a new one :)

שי said...

One red day in a month... not bad!

regarding today trades, it appears that you could take nice partial in both trades. what is your strategy regarding partials?


TraderAm said...

Partials > take partial near Fib Ext or 2R. Leave rest with stop at breakeven.