Monday, 29 June 2009

Trades 29/June/09

BIIB (gap down)

Trend past OR low then retrace to hit OR resistance. The 6th is short trigger. Never worked out and stopped for loss.

FUQI (long)

Trend up and pullback with NR3 on 4th which is long trigger. Took partial at 1R then rest came back to 1R on trailing stop. Could maybe have done better on money management on this as it did reach the Fib Ext which was around 2.5R.

No other trades. Hope you had a good day.

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Anonymous said...

That FUQI was a great one today. Could've made more too, but I always think if I make money it's a good day.

Anonymous said...

have you consider Swing Trading ???

TraderAm said...

anon > yes I have considered swing trading...and am still considering it :-)

What are your thoughts on it ?

Eyal said...

Hi TraderAM,
i realy enjoy your blog and I learn alot. i am missing some of the technical terms you use like:
1. when reffering to R1, R2, R3- how do you calculate them? what are they?
2. what are NR3, NR7 etc.?
3. do you have a sum up of all the setup types you use?

TraderAm said...


1. The Rvalues are my risk multiples. So if my stop is 20c from entry then when I am in profit by 20c then that is a 1R gain. 2R is 40c profit etc etc.

2. NR is narrow range bar. NR3 is narrowest of last three bars. NR7 narrowest of last 7 bars.

3. Read thru My Strategy posts.

Glad you like the blog.