Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Trades 21/July/2009

LXK (gap down)

Bearish first and 2nd crosses OR. The 3rd is Nr3 pullback to OR and is our short trigger. Went sideways for pretty much the whole day. Closed at end of day for minor gain.

MRK (gap up)

Up thru OR on 2nd then pulls back to the OR high. The 6th crosses OR and is strong. The 7th is off OR and ema and is our long trigger. Closed partial at near Fib Ext (around 1.5R) then rest came back to breakeven.

I couldn't find much else to trade. Hope you had a good one.

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Day Tradr said...


How many stock did you get in your TS gap up scan today? I wanted to try out some gap stocks today and the gap up scan returned 50+ today. I used the following for the gap up scan:

1. Open above PDH
2. Price above 20
3. Volume greater than 250000

Scheduled the scan to run at 9.46 am.

Thanks for your response.

TraderAm said...

Yes it was 50+ for me too. That's too many, so I narrowed it down to those with higher volumes and better charts.

greytrader said...

On a day like today, 9:46am is late for a gap scan. It does not leave enough time to get the list down to the better charts. Pre-market scans and at least one scan at 9:35 or so really helps.

Day Tradr said...

Thanks TraderAM.

Day Tradr said...


I tried to trade GENZ today on the break of 5th candle using your style. Can it be called off the ORL (though it did not touch the ORL)?