Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Trades 29/July/2009

Couldn't find much today. Just one trade to blog.

NUE (gap down thru prev day low)

After first candle, tried and failed to get back prev day low. The 8th is NR7 hanging man type candle off OR low and ema. This is our short trigger. Closed partial just past 1R as Fib Ext was close then rest came back to stop at breakeven.

No other trades for me today. This July month looks likes a washout. Typically August is usually choppy as well, so things are likely to continue in same vein I suspect.

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Andrew said...

Hi AM,

I can't remember reading this answer so I will ask here.

What criteria/scan are you using to pick up trades that don't gap at the open, yet move outside yesterday's range?


TraderAm said...

Tradestation Scan. Price after first candle is outside prev days range. Avg daily volume > 1 million. Vol in first candle > 150k.