Friday, 31 July 2009

Trades 31/July/2009

DIS (gap down)

Gap down then partial gap fill up to ema resistance. The 6th is NR7 doji and our short trigger. Closed partial at 1R near OR low then rest came back to breakeven.

GT (rise thru prev day high)

Strong first couple of candles then retrace to ema. The 4th is NR3 IB bar pullback and is our long trigger. Took partial at 1R near whole number then rest came back for breakeven.

No other trades today. I probably won't be trading on Monday so have good weekend. I have updated performance stats for July, which I found pretty tough going.

Also, just some advance info that I'm probably going to start decreasing my blogging as this year draws to a close. I'm looking at some other things on trading (forex, 3,5min chart charts etc) and that coupled with normal work routine means I just don't have the time to do everything, so blogging is the area which is going to be cut back. Hope people have found it useful over the last year or so.

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Tyler said...


Good luck with everything. Are you looking at lower timeframes for quicker moves?

I imagine doing everything you do (work, trading, blogging, etc.) takes a lot out of you. I am glad I don't have another job, that would be tough.

I have learned a lot from your blog and will continue checking it and sending you emails.


TraderAm said...

Thanks Tyler.

Yes, the lower timeframes to catch the quicker moves. And Forex to add something else to my arsenal and to have the option to trade at a different time of day.

niki said...

I have learned a lot from your blog and i wish you good luck and i looking forward to read your new comprehension.

Anonymous said...

careful w/ currency just doesn't trade intra day on patterns like you do w/ stocks...

Ray Ray said...

Great blog AM...
Keep up the good work