Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Trades 02/Sep/2009

A bit choppy today. Three trades of which one was a mistake, but I got away with it.

CA (gap down)

Gap down and trend past OR on 5th. Then we get a pullback to ema. The 7th is NR3,NR7 doji off ema and is our short trigger. Closed half at 1R (the Fib Ext) and then rest after bounce off $20 level for around 2.5R.

KMB (gap down)

Gap down and then break past OR low. the 4th is NR3 pllback off ema and closing weak. This is our short trigger. Never really got going and we were stopped out later as it went sideways for rest of the day.

MRK (gap down)

This was the 'mistake' trade. My original trigger was the 5th NR7 pullback to ema. This never triggered as the next bar closed higher. I normally cancel the order after this happens and I thought I had. But I must have missed it somehow and/or got distracted. Later, I realised that I was in the trade. Luckily no major harm done and I closed it for a minor loss.

No other trades. Some good long trades in ABX for example, but the Fib Ext was too close for my liking so I let them go. Hope you had a good one.

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