Monday, 28 September 2009

Trades 28/Sept/2009

Could find any trades today. Did have an order in for CSC long but it never triggered. Hope you had a good one.


Rudy said...


TraderAm said...

Oops typo...meant CSC. Now corrected.

bl said...

Premkt WL(53) mostly from Most +/-, up/dn grades,eps,guidance,ipo' VPHM NVAX FMBI -XRX. Not bad with 1-3-5-10-15-30 time come up real fast and leave the other 50 or in the dust. 15 min Open or so $2-12 list nazdaq: spir luna cnlg rodm. Secret is small watch list based on naz, price bracket(2-6 today), vol, >7%. $6-20bracket: rino vphm elon. And getting it togethor early! CSC little follow thru after 45min.