Monday, 5 October 2009

Trades 05/Oct/2009

A bit disappointed today. Watched the market for a couple of hours. I had an order in for COF long but it never triggered. I liked IBN long but too close to whole number put me off. Not much else was going on that I could see, so I left it at that.

Looks like though there were probably some later setups which would have caught the market trend up towards end of the day. Should have stuck with it for another hour or so.

Hope you had a good one.


andi said...


i been watching the market and gap/breakout type strategy DO NOT work any more..every startegy have to be ~50% success rate for trades to works in the long run..i have lost enuff that i donot even touch i watched ICE and sure enuff it just did not do anything..

bl said...

I had a prmkt WL(15) of stock upgrades only from various sites(usually free, 24/7,Scottrade) and BRCD as it was up for sale. IMO, one has to catch the gaps early on 3min charts and having a pm WL one doesn't have to spend a alot of time weeding thru 100 or so and waiting 45 min into the open to that time it's over.. Notable Calls blogg(free) has been pretty right on with there upgrade calls selected from many. They usually have 1-2. Today it was NTAP MTW. Friday it was DIOD AAPL. Look at 3,5,10,15,30time frames. They are tradeable. Other u/g: cof rimm endp wfc qsft petm mur cop dtsi snda smtl pnw ibkr hsii cvg. There was +news on gs(wow!!) ice(5/10" hammer 5fib retracement reversal) Might have to tweek your strategy.

niki said...

I trade 15 bar
skf- 5 bar short
fuqi-4 bar long
wfc -4 bar (enter 6 bar)
oll partial 2R and close at the end off the day.

TraderAm said...

Well Done :-)