Friday, 9 October 2009

Trades 09/Oct/2009

IBN (gap down)

Trend down then pullback to ema and OR resistance. The 9th is NR7 doji and our short trigger. Never followed thru and stopped out later for loss.

TS (gap up)

Trend up and OR break on 3rd. This was original trigger and wasn't filled. I left the order in after the next candle as that was also bullish trigger. Pretty much went sideays for rest of the day. Almost stopped out, but closed at end of day around breakeven.

May consider cutting back on Friday trading as I never seem to do well :). Anyway, Hope you had a good day and have a good weekend.

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andi said...

hey traderam, how did you miss ACOR and WCG...i had tweeted..

niki said...

Did you consider taking only 2c safety from the trigger?
In that case you did reach 2R in IBN.