Thursday, 15 October 2009

Trades 15/Oct/2009

UTX (move thru prev day high)

Strong first then sideways as we get ema support. The 5th is off ema and OR high and is our long trigger. Just went sideways the rest of the day. Closed at breakeven.

WYNN (gap down)

Trend down with ema after gap down. Retrace starts after 5th candle. The 7th is NR3 pull back off ema and is our short trigger. Looked good for a while but then it came back and stopped out for a loss.

No other trades for me today. I did have orders in for LLY, ASML, SBAC but they never triggered. Hope you had a good one.

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andi said...

played USO but bailed out much sooner was a nice trade..
Saw NFLX later, it was too late.
we have th change startegy in this market..shorted PETM that looked textbook, but did not go anywhere..this market lacks traders & run by computers.