Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Trades 04/Nov/2009

STEC (gap down)

Trend down and pullback with NR3. Closed at end of day at 1R.

V (gap up)

Trend up then pullback with green hammer off ema. Didn't work out and stopped out for loss.

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andi said...

there are not enuff day traders around..this is why these patterns do not work any more

bl said...

Not true: MM's, institutions, big traders, hedgers care less about gaps on days like today...they create the ramp hitting the orders on the way up! they ramp up the open in expectation of FOMC mtg, plateau, jiggle at announcement, then sell off. Think about it. Next time keep an eye on the open with a WL ready to go: aapl goog, etc, etc.