Friday, 6 November 2009

Trades 06/Nov/2009

Today was rubbish. Not many opportunities that I could see and the one trade I did take was not a good setup. A case of jumping in when nothing was really happening.

GILD (move thru prev day high)

Initial rise on first two bars is followed by retrace to OR support. The 4th is NR3 pullback and our long trigger. Didn't work out and stopped for a loss.

No other trades that I could see. I did like SUN for a short, but just couldn't get a 15min candle that I liked for entry. Hope you had a good one and have a good weekend.

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PRD trader said...

Long wick in the second candle didn't bother you.Good trading.

TraderAm said...

Selective vision made me ignore it :)

andi said...

I took a shot at NVDA (small loss) and then i saw MGA..but did not hit the did breakout..
overall, shoddy day

bl said...

Gap down and reverse and alot of upgraded stocks rocked at the open: ge trv bdx. After the fact gaps: mga3/15 cal peet sbux ge(15nov calls doubled) rail hans cstr 3min-30 time frames

niki said...

i make the same trade :(
this week was awful.
have a good weekend.