Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Trades 10/Nov/2009

XLNX (move up thru prev day high)

Move up then retrace to find support at previous day high. The 8th is a hammer with 3rd confirmation of support and is our long trigger. Didn't really go anywhere after entry. Closed at breakeven towards end of the day.

------Daily Stats --------------------------


andi said...

wow..different kinda trade..still no dinero..
daytrading nowadays sucks...you can see all those bloggers oonr,anarco etc all gone..poof

andi said...

too show how sucky it is just look at CETV..i tooa long after a breakout in the afternoon..It was textbook...vol picked up after breakout...and yet it pissed at the end...

TraderAm said...

Daytrading will suck from time to time. You just have to stay in the game until the good days come back.

Unlucky with CETV. The market didn't do much today (not surprising after ydays big move), so it was always going to be difficult.

Tyler said...


I have been getting super selective about my trades lately because I have not seen a ton of follow through on the usual trades, etc.

The key, I suppose, is to be able to hang in there through the chop or be able to change quickly and adapt.

If it helps, I have been looking at the daily charts lately and it has saved me from some bad trades. Lots of stocks are gapping into important longer-term moving averages, or trading around them.

Good luck with the rest of the week. Always like to see what you are doing.


bl said...

Premkt upgrades(20): pcln tlcr cetv twtc rgc. Yesterday: rev. Might be worth it to have a premkt list and get in earlier 3,5 min charts. IMO traders have a ready made list and are ready to trade near the open. Just a thought.

OONR7 said...

andi... poof - I'm here :)

There's money to be made, just not as much as before. The last 10 days have been particularly boring. One day's profit can make a big difference, just need to be patient, etc.

FYI... I'm still trading, just not blogging. Major difference. The reason I'm not blogging is clearly stated on the blog. I find twitter to be a much more satisfying way to talk trades with other traders (however little there may be).