Friday, 5 March 2010

Trades 05/Mar/2010

XME (gap up)

Strong first then pullback to ema. The 6th is NR3, NR7 closing strong off ema and is our long trigger. A bit close to whole number but market was strong, so worth the risk IMO. Closed partial near Fib Ext at 2R then rest at end of day at around the same level.

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bl said...

Thinking outloud: steels ores COALS rails metals(#70 WL Sector) popped at the open: pcx jrcc mee puda. XME KOL reps that coal group. They don't wait around. 3 min charts look inviting. no pos.
I salute you for your preserverance.

bl said...

fwiw: end of day 17 stocks >$10 had over 160k first 10 min of open and ranked by % up edo: top: cien(%14.6) btm: wlt(%4.8), 9 from naz/8ny, naz stocks seemed to have more vol, 6 commodity. Naz: nuan stec cien tivo jrcc dmnd amln cenx amtd. shows interest and cuts out the noise from my All Stock WL of 2079