Thursday, 18 March 2010

Trades 18/Mar/2010

TSL (gap down)

Bearish first then shallow pullback at OR lows. The 3rd is weak gravestone doji NR3 off ema and is our short trigger. Closed partial near whole number then rest at end of day for +2.5R overall.

VRTX (move thru prev day low)

Bearish first then continuing weakness. The 3rd is off the OR low and is our short trigger. In hindsight maybe not the best entry candle. Just went sideways for rest of day, where I closed for 1/2R loss in last session.

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bl said...

TSL, nice. VRTX, as Jaime says 3 solid bars down(up) forget it. I'd wait for some consolidation. FDX power reversal tandem with UPS. Alot of reversals: healthcare-wlp hum aet ci hnt. QCOM nice gap.