Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Trades 31/Mar/2010

I wasn't able to watch markets into close today and missed out on first hour due to work. However managed one trade for 1R gain.

TGT (move thru prev day low)

Bearish first then shallow retrace but bouncing off the OR low resistance. The entry candle marked is off OR low and ema and is our short trigger. As mentioned above I wasn't abel to watch last session, so I closed whole position when it got to 1R (near Fib Ext).

On that subject, I have been reviewing my trades over last few months in terms of taking partials at 1R and letting trades run until end of day. There is not much diference in terms of profit if I just closed out the whole position at 1R, so I'm maybe thinking of doing that for next month and see how it goes. Anyway, March performance table updated and I hope you did ok today.

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bl said...

Seems he "h" break pattern does well. BUCY stopped long for reverse, 5/15 IB break at 5ema would have been nice short. Mort Group in play: pmi mtg rdn rwt mbi faf w/big vol at open a give away??