Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Trades 18/May/2010 and some bad news.

I didn't have much time today due to work meetings. Nothing setup in the time I was able to watch.

Recent changes at work (personnel and role restructuring) means that my trading as it currently stands is going to be severely curtailed. I am no longer in a position to be able to daytrade from work everyday at the start of the US market open.

Obviously if I am at home (vacations etc) then I will still trade. And also the occasional day at the office may still be ok, but not everyday. The blog will remain as it is and when I do trade I will post as usual.

I may look at trading from home more during non-office hours. So perhaps the last session on US market (evening UK time) and possibly forex (early mornings UK time). This would involve developing different strategies though as at the moment my only strategy is to trade gap stocks in first 2-3 hours of the US session, which is smack in middle of afternoon UK time.

There is of course the option of leaving work and trying to trade full time for a living. The way things have been going recently though, I don't feel confident enough to do that. Maybe things will change, but we'll see how it goes.


Javier said...

Thanks for sharing your trading life in your blog.

Good luck with your changes at work.

I will keep coming back to check your future posts.

Best wishes for you.

niki said...

Good luck one way or the other

TraderGH said...

AS I learned to know you, you will find how to trade right on candles 9-12
good luck

TraderAm said...

Thanks for comments.