Friday, 11 June 2010

Trades 11/June/2010

HSY (gap down)

Bearish first two then pullback to ema with NR3 5th bar. This is our short trigger. Closed for +1R

RIMM (gap fade)

Not really a gap stock. But a tradeable stock which does move. Initially strong, but then hits resistance at the $60 level, with price reacting to it on the 3rf, 4th and 5th candles. The 5th closes weak and is our short trigger. Closed at +1R

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bl said...

Gap down, 45 min reversal rally, pull back/consolidation, 2:20 rally to the close. Frequent pattern. Beta's went bananas: clf wlt cree rimm ffiv wynn oxy. Missed it. Was looking for gap plays but not necessary. Market IS beta