Friday, 16 July 2010

Trades 16/July/2010

A day like the good old days today. Plenty of trades and a decent profit overall.

BID (gap down)

Strong trend down, marked candle is entry trigger for break to new low. Didn't work out as planned and stopped out for a loss.

HAS (gap down)

Strong trend down and then pullback but failure to hold the $40 level. Entry trigger marked for breakout of horizontal resistance. Closed at 1R and at end of day for just a bit more.

JCG (move thru prev day low)

This is a 15min timeframe trade. An OR breakout on 2nd is followed by shallow pullback to ema. The 6th is NR7 pullback and is our short trigger. Closed at +1R.

MAT (gap down)

Standard trade on downtrend then breakout to new low. Closed at +1R.

MTL (move thru prev day low)

Standard trade on downtrend then break of horizontal resistance to new low. Closed at +1R

There were a couple of other opportunities later (AEM, CMA), but I was short on quite a few positions and so didn't enter any more trades. Hope you had a good one.

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