Friday, 6 August 2010

Trades 06/Aug/2010

No stock trading today. Instead I spent some time on a Futures (Emini) course which I'm currently working thru. Depending how things go, I am probably looking to move more towards futures trading. Trading both stocks and futures in the same session is probably going to be too difficult in terms of trying to remain focussed etc.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan. Let us know how it works out. BTW what futures course are you currently studying? Thanks, Randy

Anonymous said...

You have been trading stocks for a long time, with success.. Are you switching to futures for the tax benefits?

What futures course are you looking at?

Anonymous said...

Hi TraderAm,

Can you please let me know the name of the futures course you are going through. I am trying to find a decent one and your recommendation would help.


TraderAm said...

In answers to your questions:

Why switch to futures?
Stock trading did start off great. But in recent months (in fact from start of this year) it has been a struggle. Most months have been barely breaking even.

I'm still experimenting with switch to 5min timeframe, so not completely given up on stocks yet. Depends how the Futures work out. But the 15min stock trading I'm pretty much done with.

Futures have better leverage. There is no problem with trading bigger size in terms of slippage. There is no need for watchlists, scanners, keeping an eye on 15 different stock charts for example.

Which course ?
Couple of points first: 1) It is not inexpensive.
2)I've only started going thru it myself, so in all fairness I can make no statements as to how good it is until I have been trading it live for a number of months (say) to see how it stacks up profitwise.

Bearing the above points in mind: the course is