Thursday, 12 August 2010

Trades 12/Aug/2010

EMC (gap down)

Trending down and weak relative to the market. Short entry on break of horizontal support area. Didn't really follow thru to 1R. Closed at breakeven after hammer on 14th candle.

KSU (gap down)

Trending down and showing weakness relative to the market. Short on breakout to new low. Closed partial at +1R then closed the rest at same level as it showed strong momentum coming back.

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bl said...

EMC-2/10" doji bar looks good too. I'm finding that Most% up/dn do better than the the Most Points as they are not affected by the general mkt girations. What an open reversal as in CLF +3 pts first 30min. WLT+4. That's one Group strategy. Gaps strategy CAGC MMYT RP/CAVM VRML