Monday, 16 August 2010

Trades 16/Aug/2010

RIMM (gap down)

Trending down and weak relative to market. Shorted on pullback doji. Closed partial at +1R and rest at +3R as it came thru the whole number.

SWN (gap down)

Trending down and weak relative to the market. Shorted on break to new low. Closed partial at breakeven as it came back off red hammer and then rest was stopped out for loss.

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bl said...

RIMM-nice and excellent discipline with your selections, etc. I still think you would do better with earlier entries. prmkt neg news and GS maintain negative. Nice options with vol.
Neg news schools: dv esi stra coco ceco apol bpi. Went long DV early, crushed. Will wait.

The Average Jay said...

Nice trade! I like to go long or short on the 5 minute charts above or below the high/low of the first 15 min.

TraderAm said...

Thanks for comments guys.