Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Overall Philosophy

** Updated Nov 2014 **

The main cornerstones of my trading philosophy are listed below. This is not to say that everything must align for me to take a trade. But what it does mean is that these are the things I am watching and there is some element of discretion as to whether I take a trade or not.

Here are the main things that comprise my trading:
  • I daytrade the stocks which are in the 'news' (typically this means company reporting earnings)
  • I take note of the following main price levels > prior day's high,low,close and today's open)
  • I view how theses stocks are moving relative to the general market (S&P Futures)
  • I view Order Flow of the stock before taking a trade
As mentioned earlier there is some discretion involved, especially with regards to Order Flow.

I will expand on the above in other sections of "Overall Philosophy".

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