Friday, 4 February 2011

Trades 04/Feb/2011

ABC      -$36
CBG      -$25


The Average Jay said...

I think that it was even a better job "getting out" by following your rules. that is much harder then praying on a come back.

bl said...

Plan the trade and trade the did! A work in progress and self discovery at least for me! I said yesterday that the "premarket" would be my WL but didn't work out as everything on the premkt WL would should show up on the open WL anyway but with less of a problem, so at the open I clicked most pts up/dn >$20 >1m adv from my Master WL of 1600 for a WL of 11, deleted the master WL, clicked 6 charts per page 2min, or 6 per page 5 min with a separate WL page of 2,5,10,15,30 min charts of same to scroll thru. WL: lvs cstr jdsu cien rimm ETC. Being set up 5 min into the open is the goal. They might not be the best but I have to be ruthless in focusing on a managable WL of 12 max to trade versus chasing around my Master WL. Appreciate your blog and willingness to try different approaches.

bl said...

PS...comments would be welcome. Thanks

TraderAm said...


Yes a watchlist of around 12 is manageable.
Agree that the earlier you set up a watchlist the potential is higher to catch a move early on.