Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Trades 23/Mar/2011

Still work in progress, but I'm looking at trading 2-bar setups on 5min chart. Basic criteria as follows:
  • Open inside prev day's range
  • Gap needs to be minimal (ideally < 1%)
  • Second candle (and ideally the first) closes outside the previous day's range
  • Second candle is LL and LH ( for shorts) and opposite for longs
  • Close of 2nd candle ideally is not too far from previous day's close (< 3%)
  • Entry is break of the 2nd candle in the direction of the move
  • Hard Stop is opposite end of 2nd candle but scale out of half if support/resistance is found against you
Check out your charts, do some backtesting etc and see what you think. Comments welcome. The three trades today were all 2-bar setups.


SPG      +$104
TIF        -$33
VTR      +$36

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