Thursday, 31 March 2011

Trades 31/Mar/2011

Summary:  Sums up the month of March : A losing one.

ES   - $65

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bl said...

FWIW, 1)I put 8 premkt WL stocks on 1 page:mos med kmx wor dndn tsla x rbn on 2min charts to start, 2)rotate to 5,10,(15,30 necessary), 3)compare and contrast, 4) GO for the best set up from the open, or just focus on one like MOS. Also have a 2nd page with 2,5,10min, then 15,30min to scroll thru the 8 or Focus stock. News from Seeking Alpha, CNN, Mkt Watch, eps from Briefing. No position but alot easier than going thru a long WL. If nothing works then use my 60 WL-beta higher price optionable stocks. Easier to look at than looking for something.