Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Still here.

I am still trading, so looking to maybe restart the blog. It has been a while since my last post, so not sure if anyone out there is still interested


Diary of a Novice Trader said...

Hello TraderAm,

Yes I hope you start blogging again, I have just tonight stumbled across your blog, and the interview with Dave at stocktkr. I've been trading about a year, and am trading off 1 min. and 5 min. charts. Of course making loads of mistakes, all the rookie ones you mentioned. I know I haven't found a system, edge or plan yet, but am working on it, and learning too.
You're an inspiration, and I just wanted to say thanks, and that I look forward to reading all you've posted so far...and hope to catch some of your new stuff as and when you're ready. All The Best.

Anonymous said...

Coming towards finishing my degree, I'm starting to think about getting back to daytrading. I was a reader of your blog and from a quick look, a lot has changed: most of the blogs I've used to read are not active (I'm talking about the traders who seemed to make a living out of it: X, Eyal, 00nr7, ugly etc. - I'm wondering if they're still trading).
What do you think is the best way to pick up?

TraderAm said...

I don't believe 00nr7 is trading anymore. Don't know about the other guys.

Anonymous said...

It isn't very encouraging. Anyway, my point was that is seems the the previously blooming day-trading blogsphere has totally died. Should we take it as a warning sign?

TraderAm said...

Daytrading blogs : yeah lots have disapeared. I guess some due to lack of success, some probably due to the blogger not having the time or inclination to post every day.