Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Trading 20-June-2017 (+ $42)

Watchlist: LEN

Scalping quick move after the 54.50 failed to hold the Bid.

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bl said...

WL for Wed(no trades-distracted): PAM FL DKS HIBB SGMO FDX AMD KMX CA LZB ADBE RHT LABU. LABU(3x bio) a good etf to trade bounce off recent 200ema. I have a very large Stock WL and do PreMkt %/pts, >1,000 vol, chart them up PreMkt 2min, 6 to a page, 2 pages, along with a page of 2,3,5,10m(or 5,10,15,30) I scroll thru ea name for a good set up after the Open, or focus on ONE. I don't like to do an at Open WL...too many. Let's make some profit!