Saturday, 16 February 2008

GRMN on 05/Feb/2008

GRMN gapped down on 05th Feb 2008.

First bar was red hammer-like and had a longish tail indicating bullishness. So initially it was not near the top of my list. As the morning wore on, you can see how it trended cleanly down with the ema just above acting as resistance cover. The 7th and 8th bars are NR7 and a red candle closing at its lows. Both of these are bearish in his context and could be possible entry candles. I declined those though because we are still within the OR. The 9th bar crosses the OR low, but is not a specific candle pattern, so again I am waiting. The 10th bar is red dragonflyish, its wick bounces down from ema, and it has opened and closed below the OR low. This is my trigger candle.
After entry, see how the next bar could not get back into the OR, hence adding to the confidence of this short trade.

Entry: 64.04, Stop: 64.55
Fib Ext Target: 61.65,
1R= 63.53, 2R= 63.02, 3R= 62.51

Took partial profits at 2R, and moved stop on the rest to 2R after the green candle bounce at $62.00. I was stopped out here as the price never reached the Fib target.

This is the sort of trade which you like to see, as it is clean trending and gives you a good risk reward.

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