Thursday, 22 January 2009

Trades 22/Jan/2009


Not much going on today that I could find. Just one trade.

SNE (gap down)

Bearish first, then sideways consolidation at low end of OR. The 7th is red hanging man type of candle which tests the OR from below. This is our short trigger. We fall after entry, but it is very slow going. Eventually take partial at 1R and the rest is stopped at breakeven.

------Fib and R Values --------------------

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Anonymous said...

Although earnings season kicked in full force, market's behavior during the day makes it very difficult to find good setups and/or to trade them.
I also traded SNE, but off the 10min chart, plus DE and CNH which was big winner but unfortunately on paper only (wasn't available for shorts :( )

OONR7 said...

ta: I noticed your trigger bar low was not broken on the following bar. Did you make a conscious decision to keep your original order being that the next bar was an inside bar? You read I entered this trade by mistake but I stayed in because of the above mentioned rationale. Curious to hear your take.

TraderAm said...


Yes, as you say the next bar was an IB, so order was not triggered.

The other factor IMO was that it had not made much of an effort to get back to the OR. If it had been a stronger candle (e.g. closed strong, closed back inside OR) then I would have cancelled my order.

By the way > Good trading by you yesterday.