Friday, 23 January 2009

Trades 23/Jan/2009


Watched the market for a few hours, but it just seemed wild and choppy. No "good" price action setups were looking like appearing, so I called it a day. Haven't traded much volume this month so far, but quality rather than quantity is the name of the game for me. Still reasonably ahead this month which is good.

Have a good weekend.


Z said...

Hey AM,

Nice to hear that you are still having a profitable month! THis really encourages me to study the markets and develop and fine tune my own trade set ups and rules.

have a good weekend,


Anonymous said...

I think that you've missed apletora of excellent setups on the gold plays (GLD, DGP, GDX, etc...)
All off the 5th 15'.
However, I managed to get myself in this silly chop for nothing and lost money, so hey - you've done great!
Hope we will all have a much better next week.