Monday, 16 March 2009

Trades 16/Mar/2009

A nothing day today. Tried one trade in D but not much happened.

D (gap up)

Gap up retrace followed by break of OR on 5th. This is held on next few candles and our trigger is the 9th. But basicvally it did nothing for whole day after that. Closed at around breakeven overall. No other setups that convinced me to trade. Hopefully more opportunities tomorrow.


QQQBall said...

gamed SRS at the Fibbo gap retrace level... actually missed the first entry, but caught it b/f it moved. I was working with deadlines today. I had mised the first push so i set the sell under the HOD and it blastes right theru there and ripped. I had to work & i didnt wanna let a nice $ gain go away. That happens when i have to work intensely.

Anonymous said...

in your D trade your enter bar was 30.47 and your stop 30.27 (i add two cent) and D rise to 30.75!!!
you could take 1R ???

TraderAm said...

QQQ > Nice trade

Anon > My stop was 30.24, Entry was 30.50. I normally allow 5c for stop and 4c for entry. Anyway, it looks like i missed the 1R by just happens.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

SPY make small hammer above OR ,get as far as 2R