Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Trades 17/Mar/2009

Just two trades today on quite a difficult trading day I thought.

RMD (gap down)

Weak first, trend down in the OR. We get successive narrowing bars as we get close to ema resistance. The 8th is weak doji off the oR low and is our short trigger. Closed partial at 1R then rest came back to breakeven.

PEP (Fall thru previous day's low)

Entry is off 10min chart and is standard NR3 pullback after the 30min oR is broken on the 4th. The 5th is off the OR and is NR3, IB pullback: this is our short trigger. Never worked out and stopped out a few candles later.

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Anonymous said...

RMD was my choice too but shorted much before as my propietory system & CCR both showed it to be nice setup. 3R (i expected more but it did not extend)
Also shorted NUE for 1R